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Welcome to the Bladder and Bowel
Anxieties (BBA) Clinic

The bladder and bowel anxiety (BBA) clinic is a digital hub for information about paruresis
(shy bladder), parcopresis (shy bowel), and bladder and bowel incontinence anxiety.


What is the Bladder and Bowel Anxieties (BBA) Clinic?

Established in 2014, (formally provides comprehensive and expert-reviewed information about paruesis (shy bladder) and parcopresis (shy bowel). Since 2014, has been visited by over 69,597 individuals.

The current updated website launched in October 2019 has expanded to provide a comprehensive and expert-reviewed online resource relating to all adult bladder and bowel anxieties, including paruresis, parcopresis, and bladder and/or bowel incontinence anxiety. 


Current about stats bladder and bowel anxieties and the BBA clinic:

1 in 15 adults experience paruresis and/or parcopresis

1 in 5 adults experience incontinence

1 in 4 adults experience anxiety relating to bowel and/or bladder incontinence

Since 2014, over 91,351 individuals have used this website

Feedback about the other online free resilience programs developed by Associate Professor Simon Knowles:


Other websites and resilience programs developed by Associate Professor Simon Knowles

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